Cat Thinking of You Card

Inside Message

Here’s to you hitting all the right notes in life

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“Hi Larry and Team,
I hope you and all of your loved ones (including friends and SCIL client members)
As you may know, my Hubby is in a SNF. The SNF went on lockdown on March 13. I’m thankful we are able to text, FaceTime, and on Sunday I brought a folding chair and we had a visit through a window. Desperate times call for creative measures!
Over the 4 years that he’s been there I have had the privilege of developing friendships.Since I cannot visit in person I picked up greeting cards and dropped them off outside of the building to be picked up and distributed. Everyone loved them!
Of special note is one of my friends is vision impaired. She plays piano so the Card with a Special Touch of the cat on piano keys was just perfect and she was thrilled to receive it. It made her day!
Thanks for sending it out so quickly so that I was able to include it with all of the other cards!
Nicely done and I want to thank you SO much for Cards with a Special Touch!
Continue to be well. #thrivingwhilesurviving #theshelterofeachother





Thinking of You Braille Greeting Card of a cute, happy cat dancing on a piano!